Latin Verb Lesson

This lesson introduces the irregular verb malo (to prefer) to a class already familiar with the related verbs volo (to want) and nolo (not to want). It was originally given to a Latin III class of 13 students using Wheelock's Latin.

In the lesson, the students review volo and nolo by conjugating the verbs from memory at the whiteboard. After the new forms of malo are introduced, students practice using the new verb in a spoken Latin activity where they ask their classmates about their preferences and record their findings, all in Latin. The worksheet provides scaffolding for their Latin conversation. After that, the students return to the whiteboard to play a game called Columns where they race as teams to conjugate the verb malo in all its forms. The exit ticket provides an opportunity to test their knowledge of malo individually.

In this lesson, I aimed to combine my rigorous approach to grammar with the excitement of games and spoken Latin. Students were motivated to learn the verb forms to communicate with their classmates and compete in the game.

Below is my lesson plan, followed by the activity materials and a picture of the whiteboard after a game of Columns.

The whiteboard after a finished game of Columns, as played by a Latin IB class reviewing indicative verbs:
Whiteboard after a finished game of Columns