Java Android Labs

Magic 8 Ball Android app
Flashcards app
Whack-a-Mole app

Below is a selection of Android activities from my Java class, which follows the curriculum of AP Computer Science A. I integrated Android app development into my class to engage students with Java's relevance to their mobile phones. Android also gives a platform for students to incorporate graphics and interfaces into their programming.

Each activity reinforces an aspect of Java programming. The Fortune Teller Lab reviews arrays and the Random class. The Flashcards App reviews 2D arrays, the data structure to store foreign language words and English equivalents. Finally, the Whack-a-Mole App gives students practice with Android-specific functionality such as animations and timers to make a classic game.

Through Android application development, students begin to see how they can make useful and enjoyable technology for others. The Flashcards App is an example of educational technology, and students can use it to study for their foreign language classes. Through the game apps, they can amuse themselves and their friends.