Teaching Portfolio


I'm a computer science teacher in Los Angeles, CA with experience teaching all levels of secondary CS, from AP-level Java to block-based code. I currently teach all the computer science classes at an all-girls middle and high school, including an interdisciplinary computer science class and several coding-based art classes. I also work with the math department to integrate coding into math class.

My education is in Computer Science Education, Software Development & Programming, and Classics (Latin & Greek). I began my career in education as a Latin teacher and, after a hiatus as a software developer, returned as a computer science teacher. My work is focused on demystifying computer science and making it accessible to all students through art and other interdisciplinary connections.

I view the computer science classroom as a place of creativity, collaboration, and empowerment. The most rewarding moments of teaching for me are when I see students learning from each other and growing more confident in their skills thanks to collaboration.

This website highlights a sample of my teaching work as a computer science teacher, Latin teacher, and tech integrationist.