Kelly Lougheed

Software Developer | Educator
Los Angeles, CA


Rails student participation gradebook app for teachers


  • Gradebook app for high school teachers.
  • Teachers can input their rosters and track participation points for each student.
  • Teachers can record comments about students to use in report cards & parent-teacher conferences.
  • Built with Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML/CSS. Security managed by Devise.
  • The code is open-source on GitHub and has >95% test coverage.
  • Read the blog post about the story and philosophy behind the app, Your Participation Points Are Real.

Roman Numeral Quiz

  • App to quiz students on Roman numerals.
  • Students convert Arabic numerals to Roman numerals and receive instant feedback.
  • The app tracks the student's history of correct and incorrect answers.
  • Includes suggestions for use in the classroom.
  • Built with AngularJS, JavaScript, and HTML/CSS.
  • The code is open-source on GitHub.
  • Read the blog post converting the app from vanilla JavaScript and jQuery to the AngularJS framework: What Has AngularJS Ever Done For Me?
AngularJS Roman numeral quiz app
Rails game to quiz students on literary devices

Ruby on Rails • JavaScript • HTML • CSS • Bootstrap
Game to quiz students on literary devices for AP English or AP Latin.

JavaScript app that consumes weather API

Weather App
JavaScript • HTML • CSS
Weather app that consumes APIs for location and weather.

PHP poetry-writing app

This is Just To Say
PHP • JavaScript • HTML • CSS
Writes and mails a poem to apologize for eating your roommate's food.


Kelly Lougheed

I'm a Los Angeles-based software developer with a passion for education. Programming has been a lifelong interest of mine, from the now-ancient Harry Potter fansite I built in 3rd grade to the computer science coursework I completed at Stanford.

After teaching high school Latin for several years, I developed an interest in educational technology and became determined to build my own apps (in particular, an app to track participation).

I currently work with Python and have a strong foundation in web-based technologies such as Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and HTML/CSS.