Kelly Lougheed

Software Developer | Educator


Rails student participation gradebook app for teachers


Ruby on Rails JavaScript TDD Bootstrap HTML CSS

  • Gradebook app for high school teachers.
  • Teachers can input their rosters and track participation points for each student.
  • Teachers can record comments about students to use in report cards & parent-teacher conferences.
  • Comments can be automatically emailed to students.
  • The app was built with test-driven development and has >95% test coverage.

Roman Numeral Quiz

AngularJS JavaScript HTML CSS

  • App to quiz students on Roman numerals.
  • Students convert Arabic numerals to Roman numerals and receive instant feedback.
  • The app tracks the student's history of correct and incorrect answers.
  • Includes teacher section with suggestions for classroom use in Latin or math class.
AngularJS Roman numeral quiz app
Italian-to-English dictionary Google Chrome extension


JavaScript APIs HTML CSS

  • Italian-to-English dictionary in your browser window as a Chrome extension.
  • Consumes the Glosbe API to provide translations and grammar help.
  • Originally built as an iOS app with Swift (code on GitHub).
  • Built to enable immersive reading for Italian language learners.

German Word Maker

JavaScript APIs HTML CSS

  • Takes in several English words to form German compound word.
  • Consumes the Glosbe API to generate individual German words.
  • Users can tweet new words with English equivalents.
German Word Maker
JavaScript HIIT timer

HIIT Timer

JavaScript HTML CSS

  • Customizable fitness timer that tracks intervals of activity and rest for HIIT workouts.
  • Color changes from cyan to pink depending on level of activity.
  • Includes pause and reset buttons.


Kelly Lougheed author website

I write young adult novels about all-girls boarding schools and vampires, based on my own experience at an all-girls school (minus the vampires). My books were published by Mundania Press in 2009-2012, and they satirize contemporary YA paranormal stories.

I built many early websites to advertise my books. This current website showcases my ability to implement CSS filters and animations with vanilla JavaScript.


Computer science and Latin teaching portfolio

I currently teach computer science and have also taught Latin to grades 6-12 in independent schools. I love crafting innovative and engaging lessons to teach others about subjects that have brought me joy.

My teaching portfolio highlights my relevant experience, education, and sample lessons. It was built with PHP and Bootstrap.


Kelly Lougheed

I'm a computer science teacher in Los Angeles, CA with previous careers as a software developer, Latin teacher, and author. A Classics graduate of Brown University, I will complete certificates in Software Development (UC Berkeley) and Computer Science Education (College of St. Scholastica) in summer 2018.

I believe that computer science is a tool that can be used in any discipline. My personal computing projects center around education, languages, and literature.

I've worked professionally with JavaScript, Python, PHP, and HTML/CSS, and also have experience with Ruby, Rails, Swift, C, and Java.