Kelly Lougheed

Software Developer


Rails student participation gradebook app for teachers


Ruby on Rails JavaScript TDD Bootstrap HTML CSS

  • Gradebook app for high school teachers.
  • Teachers can input their rosters and track participation points for each student.
  • Teachers can record comments about students to use in report cards & parent-teacher conferences.
  • Comments can be automatically emailed to students.
  • The app was built with test-driven development and has >95% test coverage.

Roman Numeral Quiz

AngularJS JavaScript HTML CSS

  • App to quiz students on Roman numerals.
  • Students convert Arabic numerals to Roman numerals and receive instant feedback.
  • The app tracks the student's history of correct and incorrect answers.
  • Includes teacher section with suggestions for classroom use in Latin or math class.
AngularJS Roman numeral quiz app
Italian-to-English dictionary Google Chrome extension


JavaScript APIs HTML CSS

  • Italian-to-English dictionary in your browser window as a Chrome extension.
  • Consumes the Glosbe API to provide translations and grammar help.
  • Originally built as an iOS app with Swift (code on GitHub).
  • Built to enable immersive reading for Italian language learners.

German Word Maker

JavaScript APIs HTML CSS

  • Takes in several English words to form German compound word.
  • Consumes the Glosbe API to generate individual German words.
  • Users can tweet new words with English equivalents.
German Word Maker
JavaScript HIIT timer

HIIT Timer

JavaScript HTML CSS

  • Customizable fitness timer that tracks intervals of activity and rest for HIIT workouts.
  • Color changes from cyan to pink depending on level of activity.
  • Includes pause and reset buttons.